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Name:Tina Goldstein
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:United States of America
Tina Goldstein is one of the main protagonists in the movie series Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, an extension of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, set many years before the events of the main series itself. The older of two sisters, Tina has spent most of her life raising her younger sister, Queenie Goldstein, after they were orphaned, with their parents dying of Dragon Pox.

Tina, as Queenie so aptly puts it, is "the career girl." She works for the Magical Congress of the United States of America, MACUSA for short, as an Auror, determined to work hard and prove herself. However, this all gets sidelined when she intervenes in the physical abuse of a young man, Credence, by his adoptive mother, Mary Lou. She magically attacks Mary Lou in front of a crowd of her followers, a group of No-Maj followers with a strong anti-magic sentiment, The Second Salemers. This causes a scandal that has to be hushed up, and in the aftermath, Tina is demoted to working in the Wand Permit department.

All of this changes, however, when she meets one Newt Scamander in the midst of various, unknown attacks upon New York City. Or, rather, when she arrests him for one of his beasts getting loose, and his failure to Obliviate a No-Maj who witnessed it all, one Jacob Kowalski. From there, Tina is thrown into a whirlwind adventure, where her habit for trying to do the good and just thing bites her in the ass.

Tina, Newt, and Jacob all wind up arrested when Tina attempts to bring Newt in to MACUSA a second time. After a harsh interrogation from Percival Graves, head of Magical Security and Tina's boss, both Tina and Newt are sentenced to death. They escape with help from Queenie and Jacob. ina, Newt, and Tina's sister, Queenie, wind up taking Jacob under their wings as they intially attempt to recapture all of Newt's loose creatures.

Along the way, they discover that the creature attacking the city is, in fact, an Obscurus: Credence Barebone, the very young man Tina initially saved from his adoptive mother. They also discover that Graves has been manipulating him; Tina attacks Graves directly to give Newt time to reach out to Credence, and she damn well holds her own.

In the end, the Aurors of MACUSA take down Credence in his Obscurus form, much to Tina's horror and despair, after she tries to calm him down herself. She also discovers, along with Newt and MACUSA, that Graves is, in fact, not Graves at all, but rather the dark wizard, Gellert Grindlewald. Tina takes his wand from him as Newt reveals his true self.

In the wake of Grindlewald's arrest, after Newt's Thunderbird helps erase the memories of the previous two days en masse, Tina says goodbye to both Jacob and Newt, returning to her original job as an Auror, thanks to a good word put in for her by Newt.

Tina Goldstein is from Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and is the property of J.K Rowling and WB. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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